Co-Founder of the STILLNESS RETREAT and gifted healer, Leila is our Retreat organizer, operations manager, and Meditation teacher since 2016. Born and Raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Leila has formed a deep relationship with Yoga and Meditation at an early age and has pursued a career in massage therapy for over ten years. She shares a passion and enthusiasm for the practices, overseeing our Retreats, holding space for others to experience stillness and peace during our programs. When she’s not meditating, you can find her at the beach, in nature exploring, or cooking her world famous homemade tacos.


While working a demanding career in the medical field for years with no end in sight, Shane was burning the candle at both ends, and was later introduced to Yoga in 2008 by his teacher MC Yogi. Yoga started to become his refuge and sanctuary. He decided to leave his 15 year career in the medical field to pursue a full time career in teaching and sharing Yoga Practice. Since then, he has led and facilitated Yoga Teacher Training programs and graduated over 100 new Yoga Teachers. He is also a bio-mechanic specialist, seeing clients one on one in his private Yoga therapy practice, healing them with custom protocols and bodywork. Shane brings years of musical talent to his teachings with chanting filled, Bhakti Yoga classes. Shane offers so much more than just your average Yoga class, he is truly the ‘Teacher’s teacher’, devoted and dedicated to revealing your own inner truth, joy and Love.

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Jensen is the Founder and creator of the STILLNESS RETREAT and has since build a community that goes way past our Retreats. “When you come on one of our Retreats, you are instant family.” Held in the belief of how important Yoga, Meditation, and community truly is, Jensen has worked to create an experience that is open for all to heal, decompress, and re-connect to what’s truly important in their lives. Jensen worked as a Personal Trainer in Sonoma County since 2006 and has attracted more than 2,500 client placements and over 30,000+ service hours as a Health & Fitness Professional in the area. However after years of working intimately with Personal Training clients, he majorly burnt out and crashed. All the while he was teaching and practicing Yoga & Meditation, he decided to pursue is dream of creating Retreat programs that bring people into nature, stillness, and to their best Selves.

Since then, Jensen has had the opportunity to participate and lead in Teacher Training programs, ceremonies, wilderness fasts, and other meditation-based events. In addition, Jensen has be fortunate enough to travel to countries like India, Peru, Japan and Europe studying Yoga and Meditation internationally. He has dedicated his life’s work to creating a movement with Yoga And Meditation in the modern world called “Create Positivity”.