Terms & Conditions of the STILLNESS RETREAT



We hold all of our Retreats and programs as sacred, special, and truly priceless experiences. For this reason, all sales are 100% final. Unfortunately, we hold absolutely NO individual refunds of any kind, exchanges, or transfers due to the time, energy, and monetary planing efforts of the STILLNESS RETREAT, its owners, staff, and instructors. Your deposit or payment in full is required upon the time of your registration. The ONLY exception of this policy is if we are not able to provide the Retreat Program for emergency/health reasons, or if we cancel the Retreat Program due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, dangerous conditions, or other elements out of our control that would put both parties at risk. In this case, we would refund your Program payment in full or you have the option to transfer your payment to a different scheduled Program up to 1 year into the future; after this point, the transfer becomes void and nonredeemable. If for some reason, including emergency reasons, you are not able to attend your paid Retreat Program, at the previously scheduled times and dates, or if you cancel or do not show up, this will result in a full loss and forfeit of your Retreat program, reserved spot, and full payment due to the time, energy, and monetary planing efforts of the STILLNESS RETREAT, its owners, staff, and instructors. 



The STILLNESS RETREAT holds ALL its Retreats and programs on a first-come, first-served basis, and we are unable to hold any reservations or "spots" for individuals requesting so without a completed registration application, your Retreat program paid in full, and signing of our terms and conditions form. ALL Retreats and programs are to be paid for in full at the time of registration, or in compliance with our payment plan / deposit options, also upon filling out our Application form and by signing our Terms & Condition form on this website. 


retreat / program requirements & Information:

We always keep our locations private and exclusive to protect the interests and the preservation of our Retreats and Programs.  Upon your completed registration process (payment, registration application, and signing of our terms & conditions policy) you will be sent exact directions and instructions to our Retreat/Program locations site along with packing info, finalized schedule, and any other pertinent information via your email address.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the The STILLNESS RETREAT’s Retreats and Programs are CAMPING BASED, and we require all of our guests/participants to have their own gear and be fully sufficient in this sense. We also require that you have your own transportation to and from our Retreat and Program sites. This includes any airfare, rental cars, or any other transportation needs you may have depending on your location. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND Carpooling with other participants to reduce carbon emissions, cost, the energy/effort it takes to get to our Retreat locations (and we will gladly help you set this up!). *Please be advised, due to the rare and special nature of our program location sites, and depending on your personal location, our Retreats, Vision Quests, and other programs may require special transportation needs such as 8-10+ hours of driving and anywhere from 200-400 miles one way/800+ miles round trip (from Bay Area/Sonoma County). 

 We welcome intentional and domestic US participants and we will always go out of our way ensure you have a smooth entry into our locations, Retreats, and Programs. If you have any special needs, transportation issues, or other communications concerning travel, please email us directly at: stillnessretreatinfo@gmail.com

The price of your Retreat or Program covers all provided and listed classes, meals, activities, and accommodations within the Retreat or Program description. Transportation, transportation costs, airfare, uncovered meal costs, personal lodging, staff gratuity, as well as optional excursions, outings, group gatherings are NOT covered in the price of your Retreat or Program and are solely your responsibility alone. 

All of our Yoga and Meditation Retreats and programs are camping based unless stated otherwise. All participants must have their own camping equipment, and necessary items listed in our packing list. All participants are responsible for themselves and self-sufficient during the Retreat, in between classes/workshops, and traveling to and from the Retreat locations. Everyone assumes full liability for themselves and practices safety and common sense first and foremost. At the beginning of each Retreat program or Vision Quest, all participants must sign and date a full release of liability form that we provide at the beginning of the program.

Lastly, we hold the right the terminate any participant with zero refund, at any time due to any inappropriate, unwanted, or sexually suggestive behavior and uphold a 100% safe and respectful environment at all times. This includes time away from the STILLNESS RETREAT itself during the duration of which the Retreats or Programs are being held. By participating in our Retreats and Programs, you become fully aware and self responsible for this code of conduct. 



In your participation of the STILLNESS RETREAT, YOU assume 100% full responsibility all of the risks and hazards associated with Yoga, Meditation, hiking, swimming, kayaking, boating, biking, camping, exploring as well as fasting in the wilderness alone (for our Vision Quest Programs) during your participation in all of our Retreats and Programs. 

You assume complete responsibility and liability with all of the hazards and risks involved in practicing Yoga and Meditation, as stated above, and acknowledge that all body postures should be attempted with care and not exceed your individual limits. You assume complete and full responsibility for any injury, loss, liability, and even death, which may result or be alleged to have resulted from these activities.  This includes but is not limited to muscular strains, body trauma, physical injuries and vulnerabilities, and joint pain. You exercise full awareness of your own limits and must apply your own caution and common sense in attempting any and all classes, workshops, excursions, and mid-day breaks at your own risk. By participating in any of our Retreats and programs you also understand during any breaks and/or free time in between all activities during the STILLNESS RETREAT, as well as before and after the scheduled Retreat dates are your sole responsibility alone. The STILLNESS RETREAT is released from all claims, loss, injury, and even sudden death, before, during, and after the Retreat is held.  You personally release the STILLNESS RETREAT, Jensen Curtis, Leila Thompson, and indemnify and hold them harmless and their heirs, crew members, and assigns from and against any and all actions, claims demands, liability, loss, and or damage/expense of any kind including attorneys fees arising from such claims. 

This document applies to all activities sponsored by the STILLNESS RETREAT and all practices, classes, workshops, retreats, and seminars sponsored by Jensen Curtis, Leila Thompson and the STILLNESS RETREAT and is valid not only for the date of your Retreat or Program, but to all future activities and will remain in effect until written revocation is received by the STILLNESS RETREAT directly. You may send your written revocation, or any correspondence to our address at : PO BOX 241 Windsor, CA 95492.


Emergency Medical Authorization & Safety proceedures

In case of sudden and unexpected illness, accident, or disaster, YOU give full permission and complete authorization to Jensen Curtis, Leila Thompson and all STILLNESS RETREAT heirs, and employees to render immediate aid if needed, and call emergency 911 medical rescue personnel to render aid and remove you to any local hospital or health care facility if you are unable to make the decision yourself.  YOU fully understand that all expenses of these services are 100% your financial and moral responsibility. YOU also need to be 21 years of age or older to participate in any of our Retreats and/or Programs (or have a parent or guardian’s signature if under 18) and be able to confirm both verbally and legally that you have read and understand this agreement.